Welcome to Khmerland
From Bangor...
Day 0 . In the footsteps of a Botanist  
Day 01 TG911 : the sequel
Day 02 Back to Bangkok and Beyond
Day 03 International Sock Swap at 800 ft
Day 04 Banana and Ping-Pong?
Day 05 Little Trouble in Big Chinatown
Siem Reap  
Day 06 Welcome to Khmerland

Day 07 Julie's Bridgette Jones moment
Day 08 Sleeping with the Naga
Day 09 They'll soon be Handbags and Shoes
Phnom Penh  
Day 10 Me, My Julie and a million Cambodians

Day 11 Can I throw them a fish now?
Day 12 Shaken and certainly Stirred.
Day 13 Au revoir Cambodge
Evason Resort Hua Hin
Day 14 Welcome to perfection

Day 15 Just another day in paradise
Day 16 Redefining Experiences
Day 17 Astrology, Numerology and the Meaning of Life

Day 18 Happy Birthday to the King of Thailand!
Day 19 I've Already Got the Post Vacation Blues (and I've not even left yet)
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