What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas


Seven hours later we arrived at McCarren International and sat like zombies in the sparse departure lounge having gone through a strange ionisation ceremony. It was essentially a security contraption akin to an electronic sniffer dog ! We took our shoes off and stepped inside a large capsule. It blew a short blast of air and then gave us the green light to proceed. (with Julie's feet we were lucky that it allowed us through!)

We had three hours of waiting in what was basically just the departure gate.

There was only a small Burger King, an even smaller Pizza Hut but a "Great Wall" of slot machines. We just sat down trying to catch some sleep. We were all obviously shattered.

Julie must have been utterly exhausted, even too tired to panic as normal. If she saw a guy poking a large stick into the jet engine of our aeroplane she would have had serious concerns about its safety but I explained "It'll just be their usual maintenance" and she took it onboard.

We took off on time. I hardly remember any of the flight back as I slept for almost all of the umpteen hours.

All I know is that the poked-about jet engine got us safely over the atlantic and we landed in one piece on what was actually Sunday morning. (Over the next coming days we actually suffered from the worse jet lag we'd ever experienced.)

I don't know when we'll be back, but we definetly will return to Las Vegas. If we don't make it sooner we will certainly make it later. I wonder if in another 20 years time will it still be the decadent playground that it is today. Will there still be Elvis impersonators officiating weddings?

So "Os fyddwn yn fyw ac yn iach" as my Grandmother used to say, ( "If I'm alive and well") then 18th October 2026 is a date for our diaries.

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