My "Top 50 Places in Europe to Experience Before I Die"

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1 Rome, Italy

Rome, the eternal city, and our all time favourite city. When we visited it was our first time in Italy and it seduced us, igniting a great love for this country. Although despite throwing a coin into the Trevi we have yet to return to Rome, choosing instead the new experience of other Italian cities. Our next visit to Italy however must incorporate a few nights in this stunning place. Read Rome travelogue.

2 Venice, Italy

I had visited Venice in my early teens on the SS Uganda cruise ship. I thoroughly hated the few hours I spent wandering the gloomy narrow streets of this damp and smelly city, penniless and lonely, just counting down the hours to re-embark. My second visit however was in complete contrast. Bathed in glorious sunshine and with my delightful wife for company, Venice was transformed into the most romantic city in the world. Read the Venice travelogue.

3 Paris, France

Paris is the city we've returned to the most frequently. Initially (I think) because of it's location. It is easier to get to for a weekend away, without having to fly! In 1991 it was our first time out of the UK together and we found the city too big, too busy, too expensive! But we've grown fonder of this city with each subsequent visit, and on our last visit, staying in the St.Germain area, we finally found the romantic side of town. Read the Photojournal here

4 St. Petersburg, Russia

St.Petersburg was absolutely stunning. The lavish palaces were so oppulent no wonder the people revolted! They say the best time to visit is during the white nights of May but I'd argue the case for the atmospheric -20C temperatures of mid-December. There was certainly something magical about it. Read the travelogue here.

5 Naples, Italy

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6 Amsterdam, Holland

Read the Photojournal here


7 London, England  



8 Moscow, Russia

Read the travelogue here.

9 Florence, Italy


.Read Florence travelogue.

10 Istanbul, Turkey



11 Athens, Greece  



12 Amalfi Coast , Italy










13 Seville, Spain



14 Berlin, Germany

Berlin, a city that is succeeding to unburden itself of its history with a modern outlook. Reminders of its turbulent past are still there to be seen but now it's all about the future. The spectacular glass dome above the Reichstag, the glass and steel transparency of the government buildings.

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15 Munich, Germany


Read the Travelogue here



16 Prague, Czech Republic

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17 Reykjavick, Iceland    



18 Krakow, Poland

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19 Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy    





20 Mostar, Bosnia  

Mostar Bridge, Bosnia




21 Dubrovnik, Croatia  





22 Tuscany, Italy    





23 Dracula's Castle, Bran, Romania    





24 Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland    





25 Cinque Terre, Italy    


inc. also Positano



26 Sicily, Italy    





27 Porec, Croatia    





28 Puglia, Italy    





29 Dublin, Ireland  





30 Barcelona, Spain  





31 Budapest, Hungary    

Gelert Thermal Baths, Budapest, Hungary




32 Champagne, France    





33 Madrid, Spain


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34 Milan, Italy    





35 Cordoba & Granada, Spain    





36 Santorini, Greece  





37 Jukkas jarvi, Ice Hotel, Sweden  



38 Tallin, Estonia    





39 Fjords of Norway    


Aurora Borealis



40 Corfu, Greece  





41 Bruges, Belguim    






Lisbon, Portugal






43 The Alps, Switzerland  





44 Copenhagen, Denmark  





45 Pamplona, Spain    





46 Odessa, Ukraine    





47 Malta    





48 Palma, Majorca



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49 Mont St. Michel, Brittany, France    





50 Sofia, Bulgaria  






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