Greetings from Sofia,Bulgaria

The Awesomeness of You
6th June 2013

We woke early relieved to find the water flowing. We could have a shower, flush the toilet and more importantly have a nice cup of tea!

Once we had properly come around I started on the packing. Having not learned my lesson from our inbound journey I overflled the cabin case and the zip bust again. I felt so annoyed with myself.

Thankfully I again repaired the zip enough for it to close but we were so concerned that it could burst open at any moment.

After a light breakfast (to minimize the mess in the kitchen) we emptied our rubbish into the large refuse bins on the street corner and walked the short distance to the BgAccomodation office where Mikhael was waiting to drive us to the airport.

We arrived in plenty of time. In fact we had to wait around for half an hour as our Easyjet check-in desk wasn't open until two hours before the flight.

After some confusion, (we had stood in a queue for 25 minutes for what turned out to be the Wizz Air check-in desk) we dropped off our suitcase and went through security.

Then with our barely closed cabin case rolling through the x-ray they decided they wanted to inspect its contents!

I opened it up for the guard and he removed all the dirty clothes a layer at a time until eventually he came to the item of interest. Our "boom box" tavel speakers had switched itself on and was attracting their attention. I was careful not to use the word "BOOM!" whilst explaining what it was in case they thought I was describing it as explosives as in the cartoons.

Happy with my explanation of the device we were allowed to take it through. I huffed a lot at the displeasure of having to attempt to squeeze all the contents back into the case without busting the zip again. Sitting on the floor on top of the case was a little embarrasing but whilst slightly miffed at the inconvenience it was good to see that they took their security seriously.

There wasn't much in the way of a shopping experience to distract Julie so we went through to the departure gates. With Easyjet's new allocated seats policy it was again a far more relaxed boarding. Julie was reasonably relaxed until a woman sat next to us in seat 18D. It was the same woman who had sat next to us whilst waiting at the departure gate. This strange coincidence unnerved Julie and quickly sent her over the edge spriralling downwards. Petrified to the core she began to shake uncontrollably.

We took off smoothly enough but she wasn't calming down. We couldn't even buy any wine to help as Easyjet wouldn't take any Bulgarian Levs, of which we had over £100 left. The enitre flight was spent waiting for something to happen and over the English channel it did!

Whilst cruising smoothly towards Dover we unexpectedly dipped and banked suddenly to the right. Julie let out an "Oh NO!!" and grabbed the seat in front. The pilot recovered quickly but I must admit even I felt a little worried as to what had just happened. It wasn't turbulence.

There was never a more relieved woman in the history of aviation than Julie when we eventually landed in Manchester. She continues to amaze me. I know that despite this bad experience she will continue to get on a plane just for me. She really is awesome.

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