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24th May 2012



We woke up early, very early. We had to, despite our hangovers. So at 6:30am we were up washing last night's pots, packing our suitcase and making sure the apartment was tidy.

We didn't have time for breakfast. At 8:30am Elisia came to take us to the airport. The was exceptionally kind of her. She and her husband lived out of the city in the hills of the sierra. She also worked in the same town so being our taxi this morning was completely out of her way.

We lugged our luggage down the steps into the street. Elisia apologised for the rubbish on the floor around the bins. She blamed rummaging homeless people.

"The nuns feed them but they still go through the trash" she explained.

If it wasn't for the city's super efficient refuse collection someone would have found a treasure trove of leftover food in there this morning!

We followed her into an underground car park for the residents of Pasaje Mallol which we hadn't noticed before, cleverly hidden behind a green door.

We struggled to get all our luggage into her tiny car, eventually opting for having one suitcase on the back seat with Julie and I sat in the front. We scooted off whizzing through the traffic whilst Elisia talked incessently about all sorts. Her words were firing out at such a rapid pace it was quite dizzying.

Much of her conversation was directed towards Julie which meant her eyes spent more time looking in the opposite direction to the road! Although she got us to the airport safely.

We had plenty of time before the check-in desk opened so we found a cafe, bought a coffee and found a corner pew for me to stretch out across the seats and sleep for half an hour.

Juile kept an eye on the time. She was sat bolt upright full of adrenalin from her fear and anxiety. No amount of diazepam was going to take that away from her.

After we checked-in we passed through to the airside and sat at our gate. Julie wasn't particularly chatty, she had reached the stage where her only self-defense was to shutdown and retreat into herself.

Getting on the plane is always a challenge but as if it was slight consolation she does find the homeward bound flight a little easier. We really enjoyed our time in Seville. It's a fantastic little city. Staying in an apartment we lived like locals which we really enjoy. We must come back one day.

Having said that we were looking forward to getting home though. Waiting for us was a 29C heatwave!


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