Keep Calm and Carry Ohm

27/11/08 Day 14 - Delhi

We woke up at 5am, far too early for breakfast, the kitchens weren't even open.

An hour later we were sitting in the empty hotel foyer waiting for Sanjey who arrived on time at 6am. He was in a very jovial mood this morning. He was either glad to see the back of us or his big tip had cheered him up. We were laughing along with him but also slightly at him because he was dressed for the British mid-winter, all wrapped up in a jumper, woolly scarf and leather jacket. We were still in our T-shirts. It was dark but wasn't at all cold!

We drove to the airport with the Kuoni rep who met us in Udaipur.

We said our warm goodbyes to Sanjey and walked inside a surprisingly modern airport terminal.

We checked our luggage in and went immediately through the security checks then sat in the departure lounge.

Within minutes my stomach realised it was starving hungry but I had to fast a bit longer as there weren't any snack shops this side of the divide. We couldn't even get a cup of tea.

We could have bought a selection box of Taj Mahal snow domes but unless I had liking for swallowing souvenirs then there wasn't anything edible available.

Our attention soon moved to the departures and arrivals board as we noticed that our flight was due in soon from Mumbai. It was also, to Julie's complete panic, scheduled to stop at Jaipur before continuing to Delhi.

Her face was wrecked with fear as her worse nightmare lay ahead. Not for the first time was I concerned that she would refuse get on the plane but this time it seemed almost inevitable.

To my surprise she boarded quite calmly. Despite being petrified she was clearly focused on getting home.

Landing in Jaipur thirty minutes later raised her already raging anxiety and then a torturous quarter of an hour waiting in our seats to take on board new passengers was quite unbearable for Julie.

She thankfully remained in her seat without the need for me to restrain her.

Landing in Delhi for the first time in two weeks we went our seperate ways. We wished Rob & Carol an enjoyable time in Kerala and promised to keep in touch.

We had experienced together such an incredible journey across the spectacular sights and scenery of India and despite partly wishing we were continuing the amazing adventure with Rob & Carol for a few days of lounging in the backwaters of Kerala the events in Mumbai had made leaving a little easier. We were ready to go home.

The moment we got home however we were desperate to return to Incredible India.

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