Grindelwald 2013  

With cheap flights booked to Basel we suddenly realised that as a city it didn't have much to offer for the long weekender. So, as we were in Switzerland we decided we couldn't miss the opportunity to see the Alps. After a wet and drunken night in the city on the Rhine (where we became the first non-smoking members of a smoking club just so we could have a cold beer!) we moved on catching a morning train to Grindelwald.


The train ride took us through some surprisingly uninspiring countryside. No sweeping landscapes of dramatic snow covered peaks.

We rolled through the towns of Olten, Wankdorf (yes, really) into the city of Bern and onwards to Thun where the scenery finally matched our Swiss preconceptions.

After following the shore of Lake Thun we got off at Interlaken to catch another train to Grindelwald.

We wound our way up the Schwarze Lütschine Valley through a fantasy land of snow and ice.

"It's like Narnia" said Julie and it was.

A thick blanket of white covered everything that stood still. The only break in the brilliance were the bare rock of the high cliffs and trees with their dark branches bowing heavy with snow.

It was such a beautiful and exciting journey.

It was still snowing when we arrived.

Despite the heavy downfall everything continued as normal. The platform had been cleared, or at least paths of compacted snow were made. Cars drove freely along the white roads as if it were a summers day.

Much to Julie's relief our hotel, the Grand Hotel Regina, was only a short shuffle away, directly opposite the train station.

The hotel was really quite nice but so it should have been. It wasn't cheap! Having said that it was a half board rate and also included use of their spa.

We had downgraded our room from an Eiger view to one facing the town. It was quite a saving and luckily the view of chalets scattered on the steep slopes of the valley rising above Grindelwald towards the mountain called First was so picturesque that we didn't feel short changed.

The evening meal at the Grand Hotel Regina was of a very high standard. The full three course a la carte complete with an amuse bouche. We couldn't fault it although they did scale down the service on the Sunday night.

The rooms were spacious, comfortable and warm, a bit too warm when we arrived.

The Spa was excellent with several saunas and steam rooms. The clothing optional was a bit of an eye opener!

We spent most of our time in the hotel and didn't venture out at all on the Saturday. The following day after a day of walking the mountains we did go for a stroll up Grindelwald's main street where we went looking for a bar called Avocado.

We didn't know where it was so we used Google maps and GPS to find it!

It had a great atmosphere with excellent music choice (Foo Fighters album Skin & Bones)



The Eiger Run

After filling our boots for breakfast we caught the train up to Kleine Scheidegg, a popular point to set off on several ski runs.

Julie and I stood out a little. We were the only people that weren't carrying any skis! Every one was dressed in their finest ski wear apparel. My token "silly" winter hat didn't fool anyone into thinking that we belonged here.



The weather forecast for today was promising a good clear day.

As we left the station we spent the first few minutes rolling down hill to Grund which was confusing. After that we climbed sharply up the hillside rising rapidly above the valley.




























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