From Bangor...
Day 0  . I Had a Dream  
Day 01 Ten Pence per Chip  
Day 02 TG911 a Disaster Film Waiting to Happen  
Day 03 A Most Vile Mile
Day 04 For you sir, the vegetable tandoori kebab
Day 05 Feed The Birds, Tuppence a bag?
Day 06 Beheaded Buddha and a Hostage Situation
Golden Triangle
Day 07 The Perfect Antidote to Bangkok
Day 08 Crab's Claw Not So Good

Day 09 So White, So White

Day 10 Kermit the Frog on Backing Vocals  
Day 11 Holiday Resort Snobs
Day 12 1237 Steps to Dong a Bell.
Day 13 The Chip Incident
Day 14 The Inevitable Follow Through.
Phi Phi
Day 15 No Sea Food on Kol Pooh Pooh
Day 16 Do They Have Any Tidal Waves in Thailand?
Day 17 Bald Headed Retard Crab Hole Filler
Day 18 Desecrating One of Nature's Cathedrals
Coming Home
Day 19 Four Bloody Hours!  
Day 20 01/01/01 Home Sweet Home  
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