The Edge of Heaven

Homeward bound
23rd October 2015


We had set an alarm to get us up at 7am , not that our flight home was especially early today.

I popped next door for breakfast, a coffee and croissant each whilst Julie started on the packing.

To Julie's relief it was a much better day today, no tornadoes for the pilot to contend with. Still the thought of flying was making her feel sick. She even struggled to drink her coffee.

It is quite amazing what she puts herself through every time we go on holiday.

We had enough time to pop out to our favourite deli on the corner of Ermou.

We picked up some sandwiches for on the plane home. From past experience being sat in the middle rows of the plane often meant we were the last to be served and usually they would have run out of any vegetarian choices. So we always come prepared now.

Back at the hotel we checked out paying our €354 bill in cash then made our way to the metro station at Monastriaki. A ticket for 2 to the airport cost us €14 which felt expensive after only paying €1.20 to get from the port into the city. Although it was very convenient to step on a train in the city centre and step off it 35 minutes later at the airport. Around £5 each didn't seem that extortionate in the end.

Check-in was smooth and before we knew it we were sat in the departures lounge eating a cheesy pie called a Kourou. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to Greece.

We will be back for sure.

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