Mayan Coronas

To the Beach
Sunday 22nd March 2020 |
13 Lamat |
 16 Kumk'u |

After a leisurely late breakfast we felt a little sad that it was going to be our last at Casa Agape. I was certainly going to miss my chilaquiles and anti-flu smoothie every morning but at the same time we were excited to be moving to our beachfront villa!

It was 11am when we checked out and got a taxi straight over to Kai Hotel & Beach Club. As we pulled into their gated car park the security guard looked surprised to see us. He brought out his clipboard and asked for our names. I explained that Alberto had told us to come here instead of Villa Pescadores. He nodded and waved us on.

It was a little early but our plan was to leave our luggage with them and crash out on a lounger until we could check-in to our room. We were met by Alberto who was hospitality personified. He was so welcoming. He was so happy to let us know that our room was already waiting for us!

We were so pleased. We had the best villa at the resort, situated at the very front wth direct access to the beach. Our privacy was protected by some shrubbery and a few palm trees but we literally stepped out of our villa onto the sand. It was idyllic.

Inside was also beautiful, very tastefully decorated with wood made to look like it was reclaimed from the sea. We could quite easily spend the next two days locked up in here.

Alberto soon returned with a stunning "welcome" drink for us, a delicious cucumber and mint smoothie with a hint of lime and tequila, which he had already checked if we were ok with alcohol. We said yes without trying to sound to enthusiastic,

Sat out on our patio, sipping  our green elixir from a jug, we were thinking to ourselves if the borders shut tomorrow there would be far worse paces in which to be stranded!

After an hour or so relaxing on the day bed listening to the palm leaves rustle in the breeze we decided to have some lunch. After enjoying our food on Thursday we returned to Villa Pescadores. Whilst the hotel was being mothballed the bar and restaurant was still open.

One of my many culinary highlights of this trip was the corn on the cob I had here on Thursday, so I ordered it again. It was just so delicious I went at it like a wild animal gnawing away at my cob. Once I started I just couldn't stop!

We also had a few tortilla chips and dips and a few beers adding to our overwhelming feeling of wellbeing. There was almost a hint of guilt at enjoying ourselves so much during a global pandemic. It didn't last long though. Guilt is never a good burden to carry.

We returned to our room and continued with our sense of contentment, opening a cheap bottle of sparkling Mexican wine we had bought at the garage supermarket this morning and slipping into a wonderful afternoon nap.

It turned into an early evening nap, which slipped effortlessly into a good night sleep.  We didn't get out of bed after climbing into it at 4pm! I did get a little peckish at about 10pm but survived by eating crisps and roasted fava bean snacks.

I had a quick check on the news whilst I could still keep my eyes open. Mexico suffered their second coronavirus fatality today, which was a concern.

In the UK, after yesterday's idiotic exodus to the country's beauty spots, including Snowdonia, the government has threatened a full lockdown if people continue to ignore their advice to restirct their travel to only essential journeys. But to be honest that's just stating the inevitable. A lockdown has to happen. The sooner they can get a grip on this virus the sooner it will be over.

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