Your Hand In My Hand

Oh, what an adventure !
Sunday 27
th February 2022


Despite the raucous party we managed to get to sleep. The noise had fizzled out before midnight, so we had a few hours of undisturbed shut eye. When we woke up our flight was still scheduled to fly, so at 4am we were stood outside our hotel waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to the terminal.

We got to the terminal and checked in both our rucksacks hoping to see both of them on the other side.

After passing through security we struggled to find breakfast. The only place open at this early hour was Upper Crust, the filled baguette store. They were just putting the morning's delivery on the shelves so at least they couldn't have been any fresher. Although in between bites I was constantly moaning how expensive it was!

We made our way to the departure gate ready for our flight.

We were ready to go home but oh, what an adventure we just had. The week was intense, physically demanding at times, pushing us to our limits but together, hand in hand, it became such a rewarding and incredible journey. 

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