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20th July 2011

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With the alarm forcing us out of bed just after 6am we were so glad we showed some self-control last night and called it an early night rather than drinking into the small hours. This morning could have been so different.

As it happened we were quite fresh and awake as we walked towards the Centraal Station for our a train to Schippol airport.

Catching the fifteen minute shuttle we were stood in the departures lounge shortly after 7:30am, in plenty of time for our flight home.

In fact we had too much time on our hands which isn't a good thing for Julie as it gives her time to think about all the things that could possibly go wrong with the flight. By the time we sat down for some breakfast she had already popped three diazepam tablets to kerb the anxiety shakes.

They worked just enough to get her on the plane.

We took off on time at 9:55am. It was an incredibly short flight landing back in Manchester at 9:50am, effectively arriving before we took off!

Driving back home we reflected on our trip and how we much of a good time we had enjoyed going for the full Amsterdam experience, the sex, the drugs and most of all the rock 'n' roll. We're now hoping the Black Crowes extend their farewell tour to a few dates in Japan. We’ve never been to Japan!

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