Where Eagles Soar

After The Thrill Has Gone
Sunday 18th July 2022


We were up, packed and ready for breakfast by 9am. There was plenty to eat but we kept our plates to a minimal this morning. It wasn't like us and to be honest I can't remember why we didn't stuff our faces as usual.

By 10am we had checked-out and drove the car the short distance to the AVIS car park. I took a dozen photos of the car to make sure they didn't do us for any of the damage that was already on it. (Altough 3 months later they did take £30 off our card, which we never questioned.)

There wasn't a member of staff there to meet us so we walked towards their small kiosk by the terminal to drop off the keys.

With our suitcase dropped off we went through the security gates without any hassle and quickly found the bar. I was on the coffee because after landing in Gatwick we had a five hour drive home.

We noticed, for future reference, that in addition to our Easy Jet flight there were three other airlines flying to a "London" airport, British Airways (Heathrow), Air Albania (Stanstead) and Wizz Air (Luton).

Time flew and before we knew it we wer sat in our preferred seats, hurtling down the runway, with Julie's head in her hands. We waved Albania adieu.

A return visit is certainly on the cards. It had been a wonderful adventure but we still have to visit Berat, and explore the Osumit Canyon, and the town of Kėlcyrė. That's before taking a look at the North of the country. There's still plenty more to see and do in the land where eagles soar.

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